Looped End Wet Mops

Ha-Ste's looped end wet mop line includes products for all situations, from high intensive laundering to general purpose use.  All of our looped end wet mops have multiple stitched fan bands and headbands and are made from the finest yarns available in each category.  Shown here is our MicroKleen antimicrobial wet mop with double fan band and Defender 9" head band options.  The MicroKleen alone is available in 1152 different combinations of style, color, and banding.  And it only takes a few days to custom make any of them for you!

Mop Master Closed End Wet Mops

Our Mop Master Closed End wet mop yarn is the step-up mop from the traditional cut end wet mop.  Closed ends offer some of the benefits of looped ends without the cost.  Ends will not fray and will retain liquid better than cut ends.  Available in both cotton blend and synthetic blend yarns.

Cut End Wet Mops

Our cut end wet mop line includes many types of cotton, rayon, and synthetic blend mops that are perfect for general purpose cleaning on a tight budget.  We offer two head band widths as well as built-in attachments for screw-on handles, standard threaded handles, and wireband handles.

Finish Wet Mops

Our finish mop line includes non-linting nylon mops, traditional rayon blended candystriped yarns, and our flat mop style.


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