Final Wonder Suggestions from Floor Care Professionals

For Large Finish Jobs:  Two operators are recommended for fast, effective application.  The first operator applies finish using a pump-up hand or back pack sprayer (3 gallon) equipped with a curved end wand and stainless steel jet nozzle (#0004TEE).  Recommended motion is to point the wand perpendicular to the floor and apply finish straight down in approximately 3" wide lines, working closely with the first operator.  Second operator uses the Final Wonder mop in a 'block type' motion described below.  CAUTION:  Since this method is highly efficient, it is recommended that operators allow adequate drying time between multiple coats.

Block Type Motion Pattern:

Two lines of finish approximately 3" wide and 30" apart are sprayed on the floor.  The operator using the Final Wonder mop walks backwards perpendicular to the two finish lines using a 'block type' motion, not a figure eight motion as used with a dust mop.  To insure even coverage, overlap the edge of the Final Wonder mop where finish has already been applied.


Finish System / Kit Pattern:

This pattern is similar to agriculture crop harvesting where one row is done at a time.  Outline or 'edge' the floor on three sides.  Once this is accomplished, work the Final Wonder mop from one side of the floor to the other.  To insure even coverage, operlap the edge of the Final Wonder mop where finish has already been applied.



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