A message from J.W. "Bill" Stewart, Founder and Chairman


Dear Ha-Ste Customers,


      After looking over the demo of this web site, I realized we hadn't told you about something very special...the secret extra ingredient in all our products.  It's not really a secret, but our competition can't copy it no matter how hard they try.  The special "extra ingredient" is the sincere, heartfelt, winning attitude of all our employees.


      Union City is in the heart of rural farm country where people still nod politely to strangers and yell hello to friends from across the street.  Visitors tell us it's a refreshing step back in time when day to day life was just a little less complicated than it is now.  Strong personal integrity is considered normal behavior and business without ethics just doesn't make sense.  Just over 5000 people live in the whole city and I think the Cream of the Crop works right here at Ha-Ste.


      To a person, everyone cares.  They care about our product quality, construction, performance, and durability to be sure but most of all, they care about our customers.  No kidding.  It's a real source of personal pride to them and it's not taken lightly.  We've labeled that attitude the Ha-Ste Extra and you'll notice it in everything we make.  It means extra value to you and your customers, but no extra cost.


      One more thing.  We've kept this site simple and to the point because we don't feel that you have time to navigate though unnecessary information and wait for web pages that take forever to download.  If there is any product or service that you are interested in that is not listed, just tell us and we'll see what we can do.  This includes custom factory and private labeling as well as construction modifications to suit your needs.


      Thanks for reading this and indulging me with my boasting.  If you are ever anywhere near Union City then you're probably lost, but don't worry.  Come on by and visit us.


Take care,



Ha-Ste Manufacturing, Inc

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